YellowScan chooses Quanta Micro for its latest LiDAR surveying solutions

SBG Systems, global provider of inertial navigation systems and associated software solutions, announced that its INS, Quanta Micro, is at the heart of YellowScan’s new Surveyor Ultra and Explorer LiDAR mapping solutions. YellowScan expressed high interest for Quanta Micro’s outstanding SWaP-C, praising its lightweight yet high-performance capabilities. Additionally, YellowScan has integrated SBG Systems’ Qinertia PPK software into its own proprietary software, YellowScan CloudStation, further enhancing their offerings.


Quanta Micro

Quanta Micro, one of the smallest and lightest Inertial Navigation System (INS) by SBG Systems, is a key component of YellowScan’s new Surveyor Ultra and Explorer LiDAR surveying solutions. YellowScan’s choice to incorporate Quanta Micro was driven by its remarkable SWaP-C attributes. Its compact size, minimal weight, and high performance make it an ideal choice for UAV surveying applications that demand both precision and compactness. Quanta Micro empowers surveying professionals with the accuracy they need to capture reliable data in even the most challenging environments.

Furthermore, YellowScan’s integration of SBG Systems’ Qinertia OEM into their own software, CloudStation, enhances its data processing and analysis capabilities. This integration streamlines the surveying workflow, amplifying productivity without compromising on precision.

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