The World of Self-Driven Cars is truly here

There is no doubt that car technology has moved from one level to another quite dramatically and Google today has come out with the much talked about self-driven cars. Hence, if you would love to be driven not by your chauffeur but by a self-driven car, then you will find the next few lines interesting and informative.


Laser Ranger Finder
The rotating roof top camera or the laser ranger finder or lidar is the heart of this self-driven car. It has 64 laser beams, and can create 3D images which make safe self-drive a reality.

Camera for Near Vision
It also comes with a front camera for near vision. It is mounted on the windshield and plays a big role in helping the car to see objects right in front of it while on the move.

Bumper Mounted Radar
The self-driven car has 4 radars that are located in the rear and front bumpers. It helps the car to find out more about the cars behind it and in front of it.

Geo-Location Aerial
The car is able to get information about its exact location because of high quality aerial which receives inputs from GPS satellites.


Ultrasonic Sensors
If there are any obstacles on the rear and if there is a need to track movements of the car, the ultrasonic sensors placed on one of the rear wheels will be helpful.

A Few Devices Inside The Car
The insides of the self-driven come with some devices such as gyroscopes, altimeters, and tachymeters. This helps to find out the exact. They help to generate the right data for smooth operation of the car.

Sensors Function With Synergy
While there are many sensors, the greatest thing is that all that data collected from the sensors is clearly interpreted by the CPU of the car and this helps in a safe and enjoyable driving experience.

It Can Understand Common Road Signs
Another wonderful feature is that the self-driven car from Google will also be able to understand and interpret common motorist signs and road behaviors. It has the ability to understand common signals emanating from other motorists and also cyclists.

It Maps The Route In Advance
Before a self-driven car is chosen for a particular route, a regular car is sent out to map the entire route and come out with a full picture regarding pot holes, road signs, road markers and more. The map is fed into the software of the car to make driving easy.

Can Handle Real Life Behavior
Finally the car has some real life behaviours which have been programmed by Google engineers. It can detect slow moving cars and overtake and also slow down when there are cars coming its way and so on.

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