Vista 360: the digital transformation of street management

One of the most important tasks of Municipalities is managing their territory.

This task is a daily challenge because there are many variables: the maintenance of streets, sidewalks, piping, signage, trade, education, housing and factories.

Not to mention the constant search for a balance between quality of life of citizens and a responsibility for the environment.

Efficient management requires that we know all relevant variables. In the case of municipal management, the vast majority of these variables are out on the street. It has always been a challenge, not just to take daily measurements in order to take effective actions, but also to properly record these measurements. In order to have historical records of decision-making, as a basis for learning and planning for the future.

Geotecnologias recently developed a solution that measures multiple variables in the urban environment and distributes this data to various departments within the municipality. Thus improving the management of tax collection, road maintenance and repair, and the analysis of both housing stock and commercial premises.

Vista 360
This solution is based on three pillars and leading technologies:

  • A 360-degree lifting system – model Mx7 Trimble brand;
  • A publishing and measurement system – Orbit 3DM Publisher;
  • The Esri ArcGIS geographic information system.
Vista 360 using 3DM Publisher and its image-only measurement capabilities


By using Vista 360 when surveying the road network in a district and publishing it in 3DM Publisher, the municipality has a record of the route. Furthermore, it can make a series of measurements in order to validate that municipal taxes are calculated properly.

Items measured

Associated tax

Tool in 3DM Publisher

Electric Meter Count

Garbage collection

Take snapshot

Front of buildings

Garbage collection 

Linear measurement 

Commercial signs

Municipal Patents

Measure polygons

State of the road network

Road tax

Geolocation in image

State of the zone (surplus value)

Tax on the value of land

Take snapshot

State of road marking

Road tax

Geolocation in image


The system similarly allows to record and publish each journey made and to show the changes and improvements in the road network and the municipal environment.

At the same time, Vista 360 generates significant cost savings. Since pre-inspection and work planning are done in the office, Vista 360 reduces the need for field inspections, enabling the municipality to limit the dispatching of crews and equipment to the necessary minimum.

Vista 360 offers both the municipality and its citizens a record of their environment that enables them to make the best decisions on community issues.

About the Author: Luis Araya is the commercial manager of Geotecnologias, Costa Rica, dedicated to work together with customers and find solutions to their problems.

Geotecnologias is Trimble, Esri and Orbit GT dealer operational in Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Guatemala providing the region with top notch geospatial solutions.

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