Virtual Surveyor Introduces Advanced Photogrammetry App in Latest Smart Drone Survey Software Update

Virtual Surveyor has unveiled an enhanced version of its renowned smart drone survey software, now equipped with cutting-edge drone photogrammetry capabilities. The newly introduced Terrain Creator app leverages photogrammetric processing techniques to generate survey-grade terrains, seamlessly integrated into the traditional Virtual Surveyor workspace for comprehensive surveying tasks.


Tom Op ‘t Eyndt, CEO of Virtual Surveyor, emphasized the significance of this development, stating, “Virtual Surveyor software now offers a comprehensive drone surveying solution within a single subscription package, streamlining workflows and delivering cost-effective results. Terrain Creator simplifies the drone photogrammetry process, providing an intuitive tool for generating orthomosaics and digital surface models (DSMs) from drone imagery.”

Historically, Virtual Surveyor software has served as the bridge between drone photogrammetric processing applications and engineering design software. Prior to this update, users had to rely on third-party software to produce elevation models and orthomosaics, which could then be imported into Virtual Surveyor for the derivation of 3D topographic data used in construction, surface mining, and excavation projects.

Op ‘t Eyndt highlighted the benefits, saying, “Drone surveyors no longer need to invest in separate photogrammetry software. It’s all included in our comprehensive package, and our seamless workflow eliminates the hassle of transferring photogrammetry products from one software to Virtual Surveyor.”

Upon importing survey-grade terrains from Terrain Creator into the Virtual Surveyor desktop app, users gain access to a familiar, interactive environment and a robust suite of tools for creating CAD models, generating cut-and-fill maps, performing calculations, and generating volume reports—just as they have with Virtual Surveyor in the past.

Subscribers to Virtual Surveyor Ridge and Peak editions will automatically receive the Version 9.0 update featuring Terrain Creator. Additionally, a flexible licensing arrangement enables two users within an organization to concurrently utilize Terrain Creator and Virtual Surveyor applications on separate computers.

Virtual Surveyor will showcase this groundbreaking software update, including Terrain Creator, at InterGEO 2023 (Hall 1.2, Stand D1.030) from October 10th to 12th in Berlin, Germany.

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