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The VAM2 database application, initially developed for Shell USA, is boosting new markets. In 2010, Weiss AG, a German stock company, was commissioned by Shell USA to develop a database application for “Visual Asset Management” (VAM). The fundamental requirement was to connect each digital file via visual connection points, so-called hotspots, and to open them using standard Internet browsers.


The application, known as VAM2, is constantly being further developed on the basis of the evaluation of complex tests and various commercial projects and, in addition to the original purpose of the effective documenting of plants in the gas and oil sector, is establishing itself in various new applications.

Kaihuasi_Temple World heritage captured, processed and presented with Weiss AG technologies 2017


With the current major release, VAM2 supports all existing file formats without restriction and can display 60 different document formats, 3D point clouds, 3D models, audio files, 80 different image formats, 120 video formats including 360° video and 360° photogrammetry directly in the browser. In other words, the application can link everything to anything, such as a CAD plan with a 360° image associated with a report, or an Excel sheet with test charts, which can be accessed with the video tutorial. Users with access rights can visually navigate through the projects, create content and share it with any device such as iPhone, Tablet, PC, Mac, or Smartphone. 

In addition, the application also supports measurements in 3D point clouds and 360° spherical images. At Shell, the combination of 360° imaging technology and the VAM2 database application is named with the acronym “360° Photogrammetry” used as a more comfortable, intuitive and considerably faster and cheaper method of documentation compared to classical laser scanning.

In addition to well-known companies from the gas and oil industry, Weiss AG has customers in 14 countries like laser scanning service provider, police forces, museums, security training organisations, facility and turnaround management companies to name a few. Right on time for Cybermonday 2017, Weiss AG has launched a new major release. VAM2 has been equipped with brand new viewer technologies for lightning-fast display with full touch support on all devices and platforms. All file formats are thus organized on a single installation under a single graphical user interface. Nevertheless, VAM2 can be operated flexibly either locally, on a server in the Intranet, on the Internet or in a cloud installation. 

Dr. Marcus Weiss, the CEO, says:”We are proud that to our knowledge, VAM2 is the only solution on the market that requires only an Internet browser to support all file formats, platforms and devices, while the sophisticated user rights management allows users to collaborate in large teams on the same projects, but with different viewing and editing rights.”

Weiss AG offers a free 14-day access for interested parties. In order to realize fast ping times for test-users from all over the world, they operate several-test servers distributed across the globe.

About Weiss AG:
Weiss AG was founded in 2008 and develops, produces and distributes 360° and 3D imaging technologies as well as database applications. In China, their technologies are used on a large scale for the “old city project”. Documentation teams travel through the country and use 360° and 3D technologies to capture historically valuable cities and sites. So far, more than 300 such places have been documented and distributed via a VAM2 installation on the Alibaba cloud. Other customers include well-known gas and oil companies, laser scanner service providers, police forces, museums as well as turnaround and facility managers. Currently, customers from 14 countries are already boosting their work and business with Weiss AG technologies.

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