Vexcel Data Program To Add 6 New Countries to Its Aerial Collection

Vexcel Data Program announced it will expand its global coverage of high-resolution aerial imagery by adding new countries to its planned collection for 2024: Brazil, South Africa, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland.

With this expansion, Vexcel is set to become the only aerial imagery collection program operating on every continent, except Antarctica.

“This expansion further solidifies Vexcel’s position as the world’s largest aerial imagery program,” shared Erik Jorgensen, CEO of Vexcel Group. “Our focus is to continue to provide the type of aerial data that’s required to support the visualization and analysis needs of today’s customers in more places than ever before. And we continue to grow our footprint globally to serve the needs of our customers with imagery that delivers on quality and accuracy.”

Vexcel will collect high-resolution aerial imagery in urban areas across the new countries, delivering highly detailed information to improve decision-making, support better remote assessment, create digital twins, and monitor assets with ease. Customers can improve their location intelligence with multiple points of view, such as north, south, east, west views of Oblique imagery, and top-down views of TrueOrtho. This imagery will be published at 7.5cm resolution.

In addition, Digital Surface Model (DSM) data will also be available as well as Vexcel’s AI-derived Elements product line which uses its high-resolution imagery to deliver automated attributes on buildings, properties, and transportation assets.

Better Aerial Views at a Global Scale
Vexcel’s urban country collection program offers imagery at a native resolution multiple times better than satellite imagery and with significantly better geographic positional accuracy. It’s delivering the highest caliber of aerial imagery for better location intelligence to solve real-world problems with greater ease. Its robust library of imagery and geospatial data in 40+ countries and territories help a variety of industries, such as Government, Telecom, Utilities, Insurance, AEC, Energy, Technology, HD Mapping, and more.

More Info
The imagery will become available in the Vexcel Platform, APIs, Image Services for ArcGIS, and through partner platforms, as it is released throughout 2024.

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