VertiGIS Announces Multinational Partnership Agreemen with Esri

This unrivalled global partnership provides a framework for joint business efforts, ultimately enabling both companies to best serve their global customers.

The agreement between Esri and VertiGIS is multi-faceted, including reselling, co-selling and co-marketing, as well as business and technical strategy alignment. VertiGIS currently holds certifications of Esri partner specialties in State and Local Government, Network Management, Cloud Services, and 9 listings on ArcGIS Marketplace. This partnership offers irreplaceable value in key industry verticals and technical domains by leveraging combined expertise and resources to deliver innovative solutions that meet the unique needs of customers.

This partnership will also allow for the replication of successful go-to-market strategies, ensuring that customers around the world receive the same high-quality service and support. By working together, Esri and VertiGIS can better serve their global customers and provide them with the most advanced location intelligence solutions available.

“VertiGIS and Esri have been partners for many years. This multinational agreement elevates our partnership to recognize our global reach.” said Andy Berry, CEO at VertiGIS. “It allows us to coordinate seamlessly with Esri and distributors in their global ecosystem to provide the best possible solutions and better service for our joint customers around the world.” Currently, VertiGIS supports customers with ArcGIS-based solutions in over 50 countries.

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