Trimble Releases R980 GNSS System for Geospatial Professionals

Trimble has introduced the Trimble R980 GNSS system, the newest addition to its Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) receiver portfolio.

Building upon premium features available on Trimble’s latest receiver models, including the Trimble ProPoint positioning engine, the new R980 adds several new elements including upgraded communication capabilities to support uninterrupted field operations.

Top-Tier R980 GNSS System Delivering Greater Work Productivity for Geospatial Professionals
The Trimble R980 brings together several top Trimble GNSS technologies to create an indispensable tool for land surveying, transportation infrastructure, construction, energy, oil and gas, utilities and mining projects. Well-established features include Trimble’s unrivaled ProPoint GNSS positioning engine and Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU)-based tilt compensation using Trimble TIP technology. These features make it possible to work in dense urban environments and under tree canopy, removing the need to level the pole when capturing data points.

Connectivity Built for Anywhere
Underlining the importance of hardware connectivity, the R980’s communication capabilities include a dual-band UHF radio and an integrated worldwide LTE modem for receiving corrections from a local base station or VRS network. Able to operate on 450 MHz, 900 MHz or LTE bands, users have flexibility in how they receive and transmit RTK corrections. This allows users to choose the method that best suits their needs or as dictated by site conditions. Work can now get done in more varied environments — regardless of available GNSS infrastructure — while minimizing the complexity associated with radio licensing requirements. Operating in both 450 MHz and 900 MHz bands also allows for greater interoperability with a wider range of existing industry solutions. The LTE modem replaces the 3G version in prior receiver models, removing possible work disruptions as 2G and 3G networks become obsolete.

The Trimble R980 also supports the Trimble Internet Base Station Service (IBSS) for streaming RTK corrections using Trimble Access field software. This feature introduces new connected workflows, enabling greater ease of use and enhanced productivity by making it possible to collect data without disruption caused by physical radio limitations. This, combined with the LTE modem and dual-band UHF radio, provides greater flexibility for the user.

Real-Time Precise Point Positioning Included
A 12-month subscription to Trimble CenterPoint RTX real-time corrections, delivered via satellite or internet, is included on new R980 receivers. This provides unrivaled accuracy and reliability without the need for a local base station or VRS network. The service provides centimeter-level corrections and is complemented by the Trimble xFill correction service that extends RTK positioning during signal interruptions. The back-up coverage and 24/7/365 support ensure continuous access to reliable results and accurate corrections.

Signal Disruption Mitigation and Comprehensive Satellite Support
The R980 also includes the newly introduced Trimble IonoGuard technology, which mitigates ionospheric disturbances for RTK GNSS, and Trimble Everest Plus for advanced multipath mitigation performance. IonoGuard technology significantly improves positioning availability and robustness in periods of increased solar activity, such as the recent G5 geomagnetic storms that occurred around the world.

“The new features of the R980, built on top of the proven Trimble R12i track record, deliver productivity gains that translate to cost and time savings. Our customers count on us to provide the highest levels of performance and reliability, and we will always strive to improve those gains day after day, year after year,” said Boris Skopljak, vice president, geospatial at Trimble. “With more options to choose the best method for collecting data, more efficient workflows made possible in more locations, and trusted results, the R980 is ideal for the most demanding survey tasks. With the launch of the R980, along with the recently released Trimble R580, Trimble R780 model 2 and the Trimble Catalyst® solution, Trimble offers a complete GNSS system portfolio designed to meet the varying needs of our customers.”

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