Trimble releases eCognition Suite 9.5

Trimble announced the release of eCognition Suite 9.5.

eCognition Suite 9.5 introduces a variety of productivity improvements designed to strengthen point cloud operability and boost Deep Learning performance. 

A new point cloud resampling algorithm is available to reduce the oversampling of points in dense regions and thus increase processing speed. In addition, raster layers can now be displayed within the 3D viewer to enrich data fusion and aid rule set development.

eCognition’s Deep Learning algorithms have been expanded to support models using batch normalization leading to speedier and more robust learning. In addition, we continue to grow the pallet of vector analysis tools and capabilities. 

Region support for vector algorithms offers clear performance benefits. Such regions can now be conveniently generated based on vector domains.  It is now possible to calculate statistics in the vector domain, to shrink polygon vectors, and to access layer values and object class under point vectors. 

Website Trimble | eCognition 9


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