Trimble GNSS Receiver with Trimble ProPoint Delivers Survey Precision and Productivity

Trimble introduced the new Trimble R580 Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) receiver, the next generation in its portfolio of Trimble ProPoint GNSS positioning engine enabled receivers. The system’s survey-grade GNSS performance enables professionals in surveying, mapping and Geographic Information System (GIS), civil construction and utilities to quickly and easily capture centimeter-level positioning and boost productivity in the field.



With the field-proven Trimble ProPoint GNSS engine on board, users can measure points in challenging environments, such as under tree canopy or near buildings, while Trimble EVEREST Plus technology can identify and remove unwanted multipath signals for improved accuracy and data confidence. Using the Trimble Maxwell 7 chipset technology, the receiver provides fast processing, anti-spoofing capability and the ability to track all available GNSS constellations. This results in higher satellite availability for robust positioning in a wider range of environments.

The R580 supports Trimble RTX correction services for RTK-level precision without the use of a local base station or VRS network wherever correction sources are available, saving time and money through faster field operation and simpler workflows. The receiver can be paired with all current mobile devices on a variety of operating systems and platforms—from a Trimble handheld or controller to a modern smartphone or tablet. It can also be mounted on a pole, vehicle or backpack.

Together with software, such as Trimble Access and Trimble TerraFlex field software, the Trimble R580 makes it easy to collect and communicate information as part of a professional-grade field-to-office workflow.

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