Trimble DA2 GNSS Smart Antenna available for construction applications as part of Trimble Works Subscription program

The Trimble Works Subscription program provides contractors access to construction technology at a lower upfront cost, increasing predictability with ongoing fixed technology fleet costs.


Combined with Trimble Siteworks Software, the DA2 can perform a variety of construction surveying tasks and site supervision including pole-mount for high accuracy grade checking, truck-mount for site supervision and ATV-mount for progress monitoring, volume calculations, site topos, verifying as-builts, road centerlines and more.


The DA2 leverages the Trimble ProPoint GNSS engine for enhanced GNSS yield and improved positioning accuracy when operating near trees and buildings. Its compact yet rugged design makes the DA2 easy to transport and suitable for harsh construction environments. The Bluetooth-enabled DA2 works with a range of Trimble data collectors: Trimble TSC7 and TSC5 Controllers, and Trimble T7 and T100 Tablets. The optional Trimble EM940 Empower Module adds local base station corrections.

Trimble Works Subscription
The Trimble Works Subscription includes access to the Trimble Corrections Hub to deliver real-time kinematic accuracy and a range of Siteworks software modules. Trimble WorksManager Software and Trimble WorksOS Software are also included in the subscription to connect job site equipment and simplify the transfer of survey and productivity data between the field and the office.

The Trimble DA2 and Trimble Siteworks Precise Rover bundle are available worldwide (excluding the U.S. and Canada) in the Works subscription through the SITECH distribution channel.

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