Trimble Catalyst puts high-accuracy in the palm of the hand

Trimble introduced the Trimble Catalyst, a software-defined Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) receiver that works with select Android mobile handhelds, smartphones and tablets. When combined with a small, lightweight, plug-and-play digital antenna and subscription to the Catalyst service, the receiver provides on-demand GNSS, geo-location capabilities to transform consumer devices into high-accuracy mobile data collection systems.

With the evolution of smartphones and tablets as commonly used mobile information tools, more field workers and consumers now have access to positioning technologies for geospatial data use and collection. The Trimble Catalyst software receiver is an ideal choice to collect data and inspect or manage assets using smart devices. The software-defined GNSS receiver is designed to be integrated into a wide range of applications—providing a dual-frequency, multi-constellation receiver. The mobile device receives dual-frequency signals from the plug-and-play Trimble DA1 digital antenna. The small size and light weight of the antenna makes it ideal to store in a car glove box or backpack, available for use on demand. By adding a Trimble Catalyst subscription, users have the flexibility to choose the level of accuracy to suit their application needs from meter level to centimeters.


Trimble Catalyst

“The addition of Trimble Catalyst expands our portfolio to address the needs of organizations that have adopted a workplace Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) strategy for their businesses and individuals who periodically need accurate positioning to support various work activities. We are providing a simple, innovative solution to enable a new era of capabilities for a much broader base of field workers to collect high-accuracy geospatial data,” said Ron Bisio, vice president of Trimble’s Geospatial Division. “Our focus is to provide a variety of options and flexibility when it comes to mobile device deployment and data collection to increase productivity and improve operations. Trimble Catalyst puts high-accuracy, low-cost, on-demand services in the palm of anyone’s hand—it’s revolutionary.”

On-Demand, Convenient, Scalable and Accurate – Positioning-as-a-Service

Trimble Catalyst service is ushering in a new era of GNSS technology—Positioning-as-a-Service. It is available on-demand, convenient, affordable and easy to use. Users download applications to suit their business needs, purchase the low-cost DA1 digital antenna and subscribe to the level of service required for the application. For GNSS corrections, the solution automatically selects the best available correction service based on the user’s location and subscription level. Corrections powered by Trimble RTX technology and the Trimble VRS Now networks are supported. Trimble RTX corrections can be received either via IP/cellular connection or L-band satellite. The subscription cost is based on usage, allowing users to scale up/down for projects with minimal capital expense.


Trimble TerraFlex – Geospatial Data Collection

The first available application for the Trimble Catalyst service is the Trimble TerraFlex™cloud-based mapping and Geographic Information System (GIS) field software, enabling users to achieve up to centimeter-level accuracy. Trimble TerraFlex is a scalable cloud-based solution for geospatial data collection. TerraFlex addresses a wide variety of field requirements including attribute-rich GIS data collection on consumer devices. With an intuitive interface and streamlined toolset for creating custom digital form templates, TerraFlex keeps the data flow standardized and streamlined from the field to the office.

Trimble CatalystTrimble TerraFlex allows a common interface for users across a range of common mobile and smart devices to provide robust, high-accuracy GNSS positioning and detailed asset attribution collection. Trimble’s Catalyst service for TerraFlex provides a new option for a higher level of accuracy for users’ workflows without the upfront investment of traditional hardware GNSS receivers. It is an ideal solution for scaling up to meet specific project demands and enabling a workforce to collect high-accuracy location in conjunction with other work tasks.


Trimble Catalyst service subscriptions and Catalyst DA1 antenna are expected to be available in the first quarter of 2017.

In addition, a Software Development Kit (SDK) is expected to be available in the fourth quarter of 2016 for developers who are interested in developing new applications that use the Trimble Catalyst positioning on-demand service.

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