Trimble announces new versions of eCognition software

Trimble announced eCognition version 9.4 featuring updates to eCognition Developer and the eCognition Oil Palm Application. Trimble’s eCognition is a software platform for advanced geospatial image analysis for environmental, agriculture, forestry and infrastructure applications. The software extracts accurate geo-information from remote sensing data. eCognition’s intelligent information extraction capabilities accelerate mapping, change detection and object recognition by delivering standardized and reproducible image analysis results.


eCognition Suite 9.4
eCognition Developer version 9.4 introduces an improved data management and visualization user interface, out-of-the-box algorithms for common feature extraction operations and enhanced 3D data visualization to streamline the development workflow for automatic extraction of valuable information from images and point cloud data. The new capabilities increase the productivity of remote sensing specialists, Geographic Information System (GIS) experts, cartographers, photogrammetrists and geospatial professionals who leverage eCognition’s feature extraction technology to solve challenging problems.


eCognition Oil Palm Application 1.3
The Trimble eCognition Oil Palm Application is a specific solution that provides oil palm plantation managers with highly valuable information from unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) data that enables them to efficiently manage the plantation. Version 1.3 introduces extended functionality to identify gaps within the plantation to maximize productivity and to enable more sustainable management.


eCognition version 9.4 and eCognition Oil Palm Application version 1.3 are expected to be available in November 2018 through Trimble’s eCognition Distribution Partners.

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