Trimble Access enables broader accessibility to Android OS for Surveyors

Trimble announced that its Trimble Access 2020 field software is now available on the Trimble TDC600 rugged mobile device powered by Android.

This combination offers surveyors the ability to leverage their familiar workflows and survey instruments while using an Android OS platform. For surveyors looking to use a smart-phone style mobile device to collect data in the field, the Trimble TDC600 running Trimble Access 2020 provides an optimal solution with its lightweight, rugged design. It is also ideal for surveyors looking for a lower-cost platform with the new Trimble Access software and workflows.

“The ability to use the intuitive field software on the Trimble TDC600 Android device will put Trimble Access in the hands of more surveyors and engineers,” said Jason Rossback, marketing director for Trimble Geospatial Field Solutions. “This solution provides a powerful option for field workers such as road inspectors, who need the full set of survey tools combined with the portability of a mobile device.”

Trimble’s TDC600 Android device and Trimble Access 2020 are both available now through Trimble’s authorized Geospatial Distribution Network. Customers using Trimble Access on Windows 10 devices, such as the Trimble TSC7 and Trimble T10 tablet, can also upgrade to Trimble Access 2020 for Windows to take advantage of additional tools and workflows in the new version, including independent measurements with GNSS constellations and additional user-interface enhancements.

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