Transoft Solutions and Plexscape partner

Transoft Solutions has partnered with Plexscape. Central to the partnership was integrating AutoTURN technology with Plex.Earth to allow engineers and designers to demonstrate vehicle swept path analyses directly into Google Earth enabling them to create and share engaging presentations and reduce revisions and overall cost.

“Civil engineering is about making the world a better place and here at Plexscape we are committed to help engineers by always giving them the most accurate real-world view of their project sites”, said Mr. Lambros Kaliakatsos, Founder & CEO of Plexscape. “For 9 years now, Plex.Earth, our flagship solution, enables them to have instant access to high-quality satellite imagery and terrain morphology data. We strongly believe that our partnership with Transoft Solutions, a company that has changed the way the future of transportation is being designed, will help AEC professionals make design decisions with more confidence and keep their projects on time and on budget”.

This statement is fully aligned with Transoft’s mission to provide solutions that allow its customers to design with the utmost confidence.

“Plex Earth is a perfect addition to AutoTURN Pro. In our partnership with Plex.Earth we made sure that our massive 3D vehicle content is displayed well in Google Earth” says Alexander Brozek, Vice President & General Manager of Transoft Solutions EMEA. Engineers can easily demonstrate their performed swept path analysis for impressive and self-explaining presentations or running quick checks in the conceptional phase of a project. It was our pleasure to work with Plexscape on a project which makes the real capabilities of AutoTURN Pro to stand out.”

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