TOPODRONE-AGROWING collaboration aims at advancing drone thermal mapping

TOPODRONE recently completed its R&D and released a new drone thermal mapping solution. TOPODRONE PT61 camera can perform detailed surveys and deliver thermal orthomosaic maps obtaining accurate 3D models.


It is a camera with 61 MP resolution and built-in thermal imager, and RGB lenses with different focal lengths, built-in GNSS module and IMU, as well as API for integration with any UAV.

The new photogrammetry solution was initially developed in collaboration with AGROWING upon a request of a large enterprise client from North America and later on has been adjusted to a wider use of drone surveyors.

The combination of the PT61 camera with AGROWING’s multispectral lenses enables TOPODRONE to provide the camera as a dual-purpose RGB/Multispectral solution. Using the PT61 camera with AGROWING’s Quad lens, the camera provides 10 multispectral bands of 12 MP resolution each along with the IR band.


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