Topcon introduces new Professional Services team

Topcon Positioning Group announces the organization of a new global team that integrates the customer support and training teams under one collaborative group. The new Professional Services team will provide training, customer support, and sales support among other responsibilities related to the Construction and GeoPositioning business groups.

Mark Contino, vice president of global marketing, said, “The Professional Services team will create a new level of direct connections with the market, providing invaluable services and support to our customers in their adoption and application of new technology to meet growing industry demands. We are excited to have this new global resource team to assist in strengthening our relationships in the marketplace.”

“We are aligning our training and support resources in a strategically integrated way,” said Ron Oberlander, senior director, Professional Services, who will lead the global Professional Services team. Oberlander has more than 16 years of industry experience in product support and leadership roles, including more than 10 years with Topcon. He rejoined Topcon in early 2016 in his current capacity.

“In addition, we are revamping our support site to make it easier for end-users and dealers around the world to utilize the latest training resources and features for their Topcon solutions.”

The team is comprised of applications experts from the surveying, construction, civil engineering, networking and mapping fields. Oberlander said, “As a leading global supplier, this new team is able to ‘follow-the-sun’ in supporting our customers’ needs anywhere and anytime.

“Our markets are diverse, but they share a common necessity of highly precise measurements, increased automation and workflow solutions to improve their productivity. This new team is focused on directly ensuring the highest efficiency for our customers and helping them to expand their businesses by applying these skills and technologies into new applications,” said Oberlander.

The Professional Services team currently includes more than 40 field and support specialists deployed throughout Topcon facilities.

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