Topcon introduces Elite Survey Suite

Topcon Positioning Group announces a new suite featuring four integrated solutions — three hardware products “fused” by a single software solution — designed to provide professionals with a powerful and complete survey system.

“The individual products of the Elite Survey Suite were designed from the ground up to work together seamlessly through one software solution — a first of its kind in our industry — and one representing the fastest robotic motor total station technology in the market, the smallest and lightest GNSS rover in the industry, the latest advances in field computing and the pinnacle of software capabilities,” said Jason Hallett, Topcon vice president of global product management.

The Topcon Ultrasonic Direct Drive motors available within the new GT series total station have a turning speed of up to 180 degrees per second. “It’s the fastest robot on the market. The advanced UltraTrac Technology engine efficiently and dramatically increases power for prism tracking,” said Hallett. “The total station is thirty percent smaller and thirty percent lighter yet still provides the highest levels of accuracy and performance. Fastest, smallest, lightest — that was our goal in building the latest GT series.

“Built on the foundation of the HiPer series of receivers, the new HiPer HR is the world’s smallest and lightest GNSS receiver,” Hallett said. “It is capable of tracking all constellations, all satellites, and all signals – available today and tomorrow. New GNSS technology augmentation integrated in the HiPer HR is TILTTM (Topcon Integrated Leveling Technology) functionality.  TILT uses a 6-axis IMU (inertial measurement unit) and a 3-axis digital compass that together offer an advanced HiPer HR receiver with a 9-axis MEMS (micro electromechanical systems) to correct for mis-leveled measurements. This allows users to quickly and confidently take field measurements even in scenarios where getting the receiver into an exact vertical setup is difficult or not possible,” Hallett said. The receiver comes with five versatile data communication options and an IP67 waterproof rating.

survey“The third hardware solution in the suite is the FC-5000 field computer with two built-in cameras and a 7-inch sunlight-readable display. This advanced device provides operators the processing power and wireless connectivity options expected for the modern job site – complete with a touch screen that is user-friendly even in the most challenging of environments,” he said.

“The ‘tie that binds’ is the MAGNET software suite,” Hallett said. MAGNET 4.0 provides software support for the hardware through MAGNET Field, MAGNET Office and a significant update to MAGNET Enterprise web service that provides integration with Topcon’s construction-focused Sitelink3D service for instant data transfer and connectivity into active project sites. MAGNET 4.0 also offers a new level of direct communication with other systems, such as Bentley’s ProjectWise collaboration and content management system. We also continue to provide seamless integration abilities with Autodesk software products, such as Autodesk Point Layout, proving MAGNET to be a compatibility resource for various systems,” he said.

“Topcon set out to provide professionals with a cohesive system that is easy-to-use and powerful — providing supersonic speed with the GT series, advanced connectivity with the HiPer HR, compact power with the FC-5000 and all-access field-to-office connectivity with MAGNET — all by design in one industry-leading solution,” Hallett said. “We’ve done just that with the Elite Survey Suite.”

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