ThinkGeo Releases Map Suite 10.0

ThinkGeo has released version 10.0 of Map Suite, its full line of GIS UI controls for developers.

This is another major milestone which includes a number of new features, including cross-platform support for Windows, Linux and MacOS, ability to run Map Suite without an installer, access all samples via GitHub, simplified licensing process, stability improvements and more.

The installation process and version maintenance is now easier, all Map Suite UI controls and dependencies have been re-packaged to NuGet packages. Developers can choose to install references locally, manage through NuGet manager with Visual Studio or setup a local NuGet server for your team.


All samples are available via GitHub for easier upkeep and updates. Users will be able to modify code and share with others. Additionally, developers can use Git tools to download and deploy samples.

The 10.0 update includes new builds of all of Map Suite’s UI Controls, including WebAPI, iOS, Android, Desktop (WinForms), Desktop (WPF), Web (WebForms) and MVC Editions.


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