TerraGo launches GXP InForm application for BAE Systems’ GXP Xplorer

TerraGo is now offering GXP InForm, a new add-on module for BAE Systems’ GXP Xplorer platform.

This application, built using the TerraGo Magic platform and now available from BAE Systems, offers iOS, Android, and web apps that make it easy to securely capture and share field reports from any location.


With GXP InForm, users can easily customize forms, maps and workflows, so field applications can be quickly configured and instantly deployed to support any operation, in any location. GXP InForm’s mobile features, including basemaps and forms, are available without network connectivity so personnel can get the job done in the most remote locations and demanding conditions. When a network connection is available, GXP InForm enhances situational awareness for all stakeholders with the bi-directional flow of information between headquarters and on-site personnel.


“We constantly look for ways to help our customers extend the value of GXP Xplorer across the enterprise and improve the quality of geospatial intelligence for all stakeholders,” said Damon Brady, director, Product Development and Programs at BAE Systems. “With GXP InForm, mobile users get access to actionable imagery, while command units gain access to site reports, photos, and videos that enhance the fidelity of their common operating picture.”

“We’re proud of this collaboration to build GXP InForm. It’s the result of a long-running and successful partnership with BAE Systems that goes back to 2008,” says Dave Basil, president and CEO, TerraGo. “The combination of GXP Xplorer, as an open data management platform, and GXP InForm, as a customizable reporting application, provides great value to our customers that need to leverage vast geospatial data sources and tailor field workflows to all types of operations and missions.”

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