Teledyne Optech announces the new ALTM Galaxy PRIME

Teledyne Optech announced the latest addition to its line of airborne laser terrain mappers, the ALTM™ Galaxy PRIME. The new Galaxy PRIME builds on the advanced and unique PulseTRAK and SwathTRAK productivity features of the current Galaxy T1000 sensor platform by adding extended range performance for even greater collection efficiency, improved vegetation penetration, and increased low-reflectance target detection.

Core to Galaxy PRIME is a significant increase in range performance over the Galaxy T1000, as well as improvements to Teledyne Optech’s patent-pending SwathTRAK technology. SwathTRAK dynamically adjusts the Galaxy’s scan FOV in real time during data acquisition, enabling constant-width data swaths and constant point density, even in highly variable terrain — effectively enabling you to survey steep mountains as if they were flat. The result is fewer flightlines to collect and process, and a consistent point distribution whether on hill peaks or valley bottoms — in fact, the steeper the terrain, the greater the project cost savings.

“Operating cost reduction continues to be a key driver in today’s geospatial data acquisition market,” says Michael Sitar, Teledyne Optech’s Airborne Business Manager. “The Galaxy PRIME raises productivity to an all-new level with select improvements to maximize efficiency and collection confidence even further. Of particular note is our ability to leverage the Galaxy’s extensible sensor platform to enable a cost-effective, direct upgrade path to all our current Galaxy T500 and T1000 owners, thus ensuring their continued competitiveness and success in the market.”

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