Surveying of Power Lines and Poles

A RIEGL VZ-400i was used in a project showing the workflow and results of LiDAR data acquisition on urban infrastructure in Santiago, Chile. The project was led by RIEGL distribution partner GEOCOM S.A. and supported by RIEGL USA’s Regional Manager for LATAM, Claudio Avello.

Urban development entails the coexistence between existing elements and new constructions. The electricity transmission systems, visible through high-voltage power lines and manifested in the form of high-voltage poles, characterize the area and mark the public space.

This is expressed on one side of the “Parque Bicentenario” (Bicentennial Park, municipality of Vitacura ), where along Avenida Alonso de Córdoba one can see the existing relationship between the urban environment and the overhead lines and poles that continue from their source at Santiago Municipal Park along Avenida Alonso de Córdova, which in turn merges with Avenida IV Centenario between the municipalities of Vitacura, Las Condes and La Reina.

In this type of infrastructure project, where there are urban elements, electrical infrastructure, framed in a complex topographic context such as hills and parks, it is possible to capture the reality through geospatial techniques such as LiDAR, using a RIEGL terrestrial laser scanner for acquisition of highly precise and highly informative data in extremely productive execution times.

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