Supergeo Technologies releases SuperPad 3.3

Supergeo Technologies Inc., announced the release of SuperPad 3.3.4797. SuperPad is a mobile GIS software designed for surveying works in the field and can be installed on two operating systems: Windows and Windows Mobile. Other than the usability of the software, an essential capability for mobile GIS software is the accuracy and precision for data collection. To ensure that, SuperPad works well with diverse professional surveying instruments like Hi-Target V60 GNSS receiver, V100 GNSS receiver, and the CM module of QPadx5, reaching sub-meter or even centimeter precision with ease.

In this updated version, SuperPad will set the last used path as the next default while reading map layers, reducing the time and the effort to search the right file. Also, the SuperPad V3.3.4797 has adjusted the size of several icons and dialog boxes, helping users to receive the information and operate the software more easily. Lastly, with some improvements in the OGC Service support, fieldworkers now can use various kinds of online resources in a more efficient way.

Supergeo To download the trial of latest SuperPad:

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