Strasbourg Électricité Réseaux implements UT for ArcGIS

Strasbourg Électricité Réseaux is the electricity distribution company for the northern part of Alsace since more than 100 years.
It belongs to Électricité de Strasbourg which is a subsidiary to EDF. It is the 2nd largest electricity DSO on the French market after ENEDIS.

Strasbourg Électricité Réseaux (SER) develops and maintains an electricity and telecom grid on its territory and connects 530 000 clients within 409 local authorities through a 15 000 km long electricity network.
In 2017, SER issued an European tender for a new GIS, which was won in November 2018 by AED-SICAD and its business partner SIGGIS SAS after a very thorough selection process.

AED-SICAD’s UT for ArcGIS and Latitude Geographics’ Geocortex will be implemented for the branches electricity and telecom. A large number of third party IT systems will be connected using AED-SICAD’s UT Integrator.

Website Strasbourg Électricité Réseaux


Website SIGGIS

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