Speedboat tracking on Italy’s largest lake

Kinesis, a vehicle tracking supplier, has seen its technology take to the water after winning a contract to equip speedboats operating on Italy’s largest lake. The fleet of boats, which are rented out on Lake Garda in northern Italy, are operated by Gardarent, the rental division of Nautica Benaco.


Initially 35 outboard and inboard boats are being equipped with Kinesis GPS trackers to monitor rentals, and improve security and safety.  With geofencing, Gardarent will be utilising Kinesis security features that include cut off alarms to disable motors and automatic alerts when boats are used or leave the water without permission.

“Live GPS location helps reduce theft and unauthorised use.  Kinesis enables us to monitor rentals in real time and provides a new level of service with very accurate location data and improved security,” says Luca Avanzi, Owner, Gardarent.  “Kinesis offers really useful safety features as well. If the weather suddenly deteriorates or if an engine fails, we know the precise location of every boat.”


Kinesis provides accurate location tracking with a battery back-up unit in case of loss of power or theft.   Gardarent will be using a geofencing feature in Kinesis – not only to alert if a boat is being moved – but also for monitoring any entry into dangerous and shallow waters.

“We advise rental customers to avoid defined areas of shallow water as it can be dangerous and cause damage. With Kinesis we’ll be alerted if a boat has been taken into these shallow waters.  On check out we can then undertake a thorough inspection of submerged parts, such as the drive and propellers,” explains Avanzi. 

Kinesis provides round the clock tracking with 30 second updates through an easy to use web browser interface with access anywhere through any web-connected computer or mobile device.   

“The tracking of Gardarent’s speedboat fleets will add a new dimension to our already varied customer base and will add to the 2 billion miles already tracked on land by vehicles fitted with Kinesis,” says Greville Coe, Group Managing Director – Telematics at Radius Payment Solutions, the company behind Kinesis.

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