Smart building: Building plans automatically from 3D data

Converting digital building data into 2D plans or 3D models quickly and easily – that is the business model of bimeto GmbH. The Freiburg-based start-up, which was spun off from Fraunhofer IPM, offers solutions to digitize and automate construction planning and thus make it more efficient. A few months after entering the market, the company employs four people and is already cooperating closely with partners from industry.


Before buildings are newly constructed or remodeled, measurements are taken. This is often done with laser scanners, which provide highly accurate digital measurement data. Today, it takes time-consuming manual data processing to turn this data into a digital 2D CAD plan or a 3D building model. Software from bimeto shortens precisely this process: it automatically converts the 3D point clouds into digital 2D plans or 3D building models. The data refined in this way forms the basis for BIM-compliant construction planning (BIM, Building Information Modeling).

smart building

The young company’s customers include the construction industry, but also craftsmen such as painters or floor layers. “The demand is huge,” says Simon Stemmler, one of the two bimeto founders. Co-founder Bastian Stahl adds: “Our software is faster than previously available solutions for building digitization. This gives planners a competitive advantage.” Currently, customers hand over the measurement data to bimeto or have bimeto collect it. In the end, customers receive a 2D map or a 3D model. bimeto also provides support in the form of consulting. In the medium term, the company wants to develop into a pure software provider.

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