SimActive launches free data processing service

SimActive Inc. announces a new free data processing service using Correlator3D. New users can upload their first UAV, satellite or aerial image project to obtain DSM, DTM, point cloud and orthomosaic outputs. Along with optimal results, users also receive tailored feedback, recommendations and training from SimActive experts.

The service requires no obligation and is based on Correlator3D™ software, building on more than a decade of innovation on computer vision algorithms, a subfield of artificial intelligence.  Quick turnaround is also possible due to the speed of the software and extensive use of GPU.

“Our new offer is unique to get the best possible results from the very first project onward”, said Dr Philippe Simard, President of SimActive. “Following this, users are trained with industry-leading technology, custom advice and necessary knowledge for successful mapping.”

Visit to upload data.

Website SimActive


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