SimActive releases Correlator3D™ version 7.0

SimActive Inc., developer of photogrammetry software, announced the release of Correlator3D™ version 7.0, with complete redesign of its 3D generation engine enabling substantial quality and speed improvements. 

Version 7.0 of Correlator3D™ also includes improvements to the intuitive program interface, automatically balancing speed and precision. Added direct georeferencing options and ultra-dense DSMs further expand the software’s offering.

“The ability to create precise and efficient 3D models is fundamental to mapping today. Innovative algorithms were developed to ensure Correlator3D™ delivers in the most challenging conditions,” said Louis Simard, CTO of SimActive. “With increased automation, users retain their edge on competitors.”

To see the latest version on September 14th, 2017, 10:00 AM Eastern Time, please sign up for the next Webinar here

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