Septentrio partners with SparkFun

Septentrio announced its collaboration with SparkFun Electronics, a major online retail store that sells the bits and pieces to make electronics projects possible. This marks an important step in broadening Septentrio’s market reach and bringing high-quality satellite-based positioning as a mainstream solution for integrators in a variety of industrial and emerging sectors. As the partnership kicks off, SparkFun releases its first product, a breakout board embedding the Septentrio mosaic-X5 receiver module.


The mosaic module is a compact GNSS receiver delivering high-accuracy tri-band positioning with outstanding reliability due to built-in technology that allows it to be highly resilient to signal interference including jamming and spoofing. The new SparkFun breakout board enables users to easily log data as well as control and monitor the receiver via the web interface, without the need for any additional code.

“Working with Septentrio allows us new avenues into the GNSS market that we are excited to explore,” said SparkFun Founder Nathan Seidle. “This new product signals just the beginning of our partnership together, and I am excited to add such a robust option to our advanced GNSS receiver line. The mosaic-X5 will prove itself a powerful option for our customers who want to explore additional GNSS frequencies as well as anti-jamming and anti-spoofing technology.”

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