Scanners for Permanent Monitoring Applications

In the context of climate change and the expansion of areas of urban settlement, e.g., in Alpine regions, the demand for high-quality datasets as well as the integration into risk management as an early warning system are constantly increasing.

RIEGL’s latest developments in LiDAR technology allow permanent laser scanning (PLS) installations in endangered areas and their integration into real-time early warning systems. Integrated to the DMT SAFEGUARD monitoring solution, tailored solutions for customer risk management can be offered now.

This white paper presents the technology of RIEGL, its technical possibilities as well as its application in the context of permanent monitoring. In particular, the ability for user specific system integration by means of open system architecture based on software is shown. DMT GmbH & Co. KG has integrated the scanner into its DMT SAFEGUARD monitoring system based on these capabilities and can offer tailored solutions to customers in the mining and infrastructure sectors. The integration of the laser scanner is shown on an example project in the Vals Valley, Tyrol (Austria).

System installation of the RIEGL VZ-2000i laser scanner at the case study area in Vals, Tyrol (Austria)

The open architecture of the RIEGL VZ-400i and the RIEGL VZ-2000i 3D Terrestrial Laser Scanner allows customizing the scanner for complex data acquisition and processing tasks by means of Python scripts and Python-based Apps. RIEGL’s Online-Waveform-Processing technology ensures high quality data. 24/7 fully remote operation is proven. Laser scan data is processed by integrated apps in real time on the scanner, final results are visualized via a web-viewer tool.

With DMT SAFEGUARD a precise integration of RIEGL’s VZ-i Series scanners into a web-based platform is available. The individual customization options allow additional sensors to be integrated directly on site or external data sources to be integrated as well. GIS functionalities allow the integration of maps in order to display the most important data. Real-time documentation options, document management, an automated real-time assistance system and sophisticated reporting complete the service.

The new system provides real-time, exhaustive geospatial information and all decision-relevant parameters such as deformation values on demand from anywhere on the globe. In case of status changes users are notified promptly by a push warning service.

Based on the example of DMT SAFEGUARD, it is shown that the scanners can be integrated in various applications, demonstrating their high degree of flexibility.


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