Roxit Group accelerates cloud strategy through acquisition Brein

With the acquisition of 100% of the shares of Brein BV, Roxit Group strengthens its position as a software developer and ICT service provider in the public domain. With support from Main Capital, Roxit Group has again expanded its portfolio of ICT solutions for municipal and provincial governments, environmental services, safety regions, water boards and consultancy organizations. Brein BV offers innovative cloud solutions for governments, companies and social organizations in the field of e-services and process improvement.


Strategic importance for Roxit Group
Rob van Tiel, CCO Roxit Group: “Given the government’s digital agenda, local governments need to continuously innovate their services as well as their collaboration with citizens and companies. This requires flexible, state-of-the-art solutions that allow our customers to continuously develop and improve their services and workflows. One important development that can be accelerated with the acquisition of Brein, is the movement towards the cloud. Solutions in which customers don’t purchase software and implementation, but a complete service including infrastructure, support and management. Brein is a leader in the market with proven solutions. By adding Brein to the group, we are achieving synergies that allow us to accelerate our ambitions towards the cloud.”

Next phase for Brein
Rob Steneker, CEO Roxit Group: “Brein joins the group as a sister company of Roxit, Green Valley, Crotec and PSMS. The current management of Brein will have an active role in the group. All companies within the Roxit Group will continue to operate within their own specialism and continue to optimally serve the customers of Roxit, Green Valley, Crotec, PSMS and now also Brein, in their specific areas.”

Ronald Brinkerink, Director Brein: “We have accomplished great things in recent years. We have reached a phase where we strive to grow and strengthen our market position. This is a great step for Brein, where we can continue to grow and, in combination with the new sister companies, achieve synergies in the further development of our products.”

Strategic strengthening of the government position
Charly Zwemstra, Managing Partner of Main Capital Partners and Chairman Roxit Group board: “With the acquisition of Brein, the Roxit Group strengthens its position as a supplier and developer of innovative cloud-based software for public services by the government and the business community.”

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