Road-SIT Web: The Roads Global Service in Italy

SITECO Infomatica SRL provides the Road-SIT Web application for the Roads Global Service of the Campania Region.

Following the tender of the Municipality of Giugliano in Campania, G.L.M. Appalti SRL entrusted SITECO with the survey of the municipal roads (150km) for the supply of a “front end – back office” software system for updating pavement deterioration and post-road monitoring. The software application provided by SITECO, Road-SIT WEB, fully meets the requirements by providing all the necessary functions in a single online working environment. The “mobile” version, expressly developed to operate on mobile devices (smartphones with a 5 “to 7” display or iPad), has a very friendly and flexible interface.


The road inspection operators identify the distresses and register them, in real-time, in a form available on a mobile device, also attaching a few photos. The data are recorded directly on the platform set up for this purpose. The surveyed data is immediately available to the operator on site (usually a surveyor). The latter analyzes the defect data and authorizes its closure if the size of the deterioration falls within the range values defined in the specifications. If not, a repair-authorization request is sent to the Works Manager.


Website Siteco Informatica

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