RGS-IBG and AGI announce strategic alliance

The Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) and the Association for Geographic Information(AGI) announced a strategic alliance, with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding which will see them working closely together to advance the understanding and use of geographic information.

The two organizations share a vision and mission to ensure that geography and geographic information is recognized as an important enabler to the world of big data that surrounds us in the digital economy, and is used more widely across the public, private and third sectors. 

The focus of their collaboration will build on the widely recognised competence of the RGS-IBG in public affairs and the insight of AGI in the use of geographic information. Together they will provide a stronger voice for professional geography in areas and with audiences who can benefit from a better understanding of the roles geographic information and associated technologies, and from using location intelligence, geospatial data analytics and data integration.

The approach will be one of championing a better understanding of geography and the increased use of geographic information to raise awareness, change behaviours, influence market growth, and inform business, policy and community decisions.

Dr. Rita Gardner, Director of the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG), said: “This is an exciting time for geography. Understanding of the role it plays and insights it provides for some of the biggest challenges society faces has never been better and the opportunities for even greater contribution are immense. “This collaboration provides a basis for enhanced advocacy for geography and geographic information which aligns well with the Society’s first objective of promoting the discipline, including its breadth of technologies and applications, and the Society’s strategic focus on further engaging, developing and supporting the professional geography and geospatial communities.

“This deeper alliance builds on existing collaboration between RGS-IBG and AGI in the professional accreditation and skilling of a new generation of spatially data literate professionals that understand the world in which we live, the processes by which it is changing, and who bring technically competent, geographically enquiring and knowledgeable minds to bear. These attributes deliver significant employment prospects.”

Abigail Page, Chair of the Association for Geographic Information said: “We are delighted to be embarking on a new collaboration with RGS-IBG, bringing together our respective skills, communities and strategic focus. Whilst maintaining the identity of our respective organisations, we will together, champion the value of geography and our collective expertise in ensuring the newest component of our critical national infrastructure – data – serves the digital economy of our nation effectively by embracing location in all aspects of its collection and use.

“Together with RGS-IBG, the AGI recognise that advocacy and engagement with those that are developing, managing, analysing and indeed, *funding* the collection, analysis and access to big data must be a core part of our strategic activities.”

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