Registration open for AGI’s Annual Conference ‘Smart Geospatial’

The Association for Geographic Information (AGI) is holding its Annual Conference on 26th October 2017, called #GeoCom17 Smart Geospatial, and it will again take place at the Royal Geographical Society’s headquarters at 1, Kensington Gore in London. Continuing with the streamlined one-day format, it will feature key presenters, guests, and lightning sessions by members.

The event will bring together thought leaders and forward-thinking individuals and businesses to explore the impact of geospatial on the emerging digital economy. A range of speakers will enlighten the audience with insightful answers (and questions) about the use of geospatial in a ‘smarter’ and more connected world: people who are already working with emerging geospatial technologies, and who are leading the way with responses to policies and key geospatial strategies. Lightning session speakers are also being invited to submit their ideas for non-commercial talks here.

Rollo Home, Chairman of the event and a key member of the AGI’s Action Working Group organising the event, said: “We are building on the story laid out by last year’s great speakers and looking at how the new disrupters of sensors and data are being put to work. The UK is a leader in adapting to the opportunities offered and government is being very proactive in responding, whilst also mindful of the challenges that these working patterns will present to us all. This event is a great opportunity to find out how location is helping to shape those debates and how our Geo community can contribute”.

Further information about the event, along with registration details for both AGI members and non-members, is available on the website.

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