Register and compare as-built scan data on the jobsite

DotProduct LLC and Assemble Systems, Inc. announced a new partnership to bring in-field registration and direct comparison of CAD/BIM geometry to point cloud data on the DPI-8X handheld 3D scanner. The upcoming release of DotProduct’s Dot3D Edit will allow for direct input of federated models from Assemble Systems for validation, comparison, and registration with DotProduct point cloud data on Android or Windows.


This new workflow will allow DPI-8X users to immediately register newly scanned data to Assemble CAD models on the tablet in the field. Deviations from the model can be analyzed on the jobsite and freshly aligned point cloud data can be sent back to Assemble in the correct 3D location. The Assemble format can incorporate a wide variety of CAD models, making this an ideal workflow for the construction industry among others. DotProduct and Assemble will be demonstrating the full workflow this week at Autodesk University booths C602 and C70.

“While many companies are using scanning in construction today they are barely scratching the surface of what is possible. With our point cloud solution and DotProduct’s innovative devices scanning can become an affordable and easy way to improve construction projects.  Combining drones, scans, and BIM models is now easy with this joint initiative.”
– Donald Henrich, President & CEO – Assemble Systems

“Our partnership with Assemble Systems is bringing a process that has traditionally taken days and weeks down to minutes on the tablet. Decisions that would have otherwise required extensive back and forth between the field and the office can now be confidently executed on the jobsite.”
– Tom Greaves, Chief Marketing Officer – DotProduct LLC

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