Racurs awarded for scientific and technical developments in geodesy

By the decision of the Central board of the “Russian society of geodesy, cartography and land management” the Feodosy Nikolaevich Krasovsky Award for the best scientific and technical developments in geodesy and cartography was appropriated to the founders of Racurs company – Victor Adrov, Alexander Chekurin, Andrey Sechin, and Alexander Smirnov for the creation of “Digital photogrammetric system PHOTOMOD”. 

In 1993 the authors-developers of PHOTOMOD offered the market a digital photogrammetric system for personal computers. From this moment almost 25 years have passed, as a result, today PHOTOMOD is the most popular photogrammetric system in Russia and it is also successfully used in 80 countries of the world.

“Thanks to the “Society of geodesy, cartography and land management” for the revival of the Award and appreciation of our work. It is significant that the Award is appropriated to us in the year when Racurs turns 25 years. The founders of Racurs became laureates, but this is the award of the entire collective of our company, developing the technologies of digital photogrammetry with enthusiasm” – Victor Adrov, Managing Director. 

“After a long break in appropriation of the Feodosy Nikolaevich Krasovsky Award it is even a pleasure not that we became its laureates but that the Award has been reinstated and the interest in the development in geodesy and cartography field vital to our country has been revived” – Alexander Chekurin, Sales & Marketing Director.

“We are proud to receive the Award. This is not only our achievement as the first developers of the system, but also of the all our collective” – Andrey Sechin, Scientific Director.

“Creating the best is not easy. Thank you for the recognition!” – Alexander Smirnov, Technical Director.


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