Quantum Spatial purchases 2 RIEGL’s VQ-1560 II airborne LiDAR Systems

RIEGL announced that Quantum Spatial, the nation’s largest independent geospatial data firm, has recently purchased two of RIEGL’s newest airborne LiDAR systems, the VQ-1560 II.

The VQ-1560 II is a dual channel waveform processing airborne LiDAR scanning system, excellently suited for high point density mapping and ultra-wide area mapping. It provides further increased performance and highest productivity based on a laser pulse repetition rate of up to 4 MHz, resulting in more than 2.66 million measurements per second on the ground. The system is the most flexible choice for data acquisition with an exceptionally wide range of achievable point densities and the utmost data collection efficiency at the same time.

“Our clients rely on us to provide answers to their toughest questions. Moreover, our solutions demand more data and fidelity to solve these challenges, which drives our reliance on leading-edge technology. The investment in two RIEGL VQ-1560 II sensors adds significant capabilities to our industry-leading suite of technology.” said Quantum Spatial’s President & CEO, Peter LaMontagne.

Quantum Spatial’s Vice President of Data Acquisition, Jon Wittman, declared “We have a close working relationship with RIEGL and recognize the efficiency and integrity of their products. The new sensors will provide important capabilities to both our commercial and government business units.”

When discussing the recent purchases, Joshua France, Airborne Segment Manager with RIEGL USA, stated, “We are very excited to continue our relationship with Quantum as they seek to continuously improve industry leading quality. The VQ-1560 II is unrivalled in its 4 MHz laser pulse rate and the scan pattern provides high resolution data for their clients. The future of the geospatial industry is bright, and our partnership is just starting to glow.”

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