QRoutes maps out Sheffield’s special transport needs  

Sheffield City Council has turned to the latest mapping and routing technology to improve Special Educational Needs (SEN) transport. The council, which provides transport for 1000 children to around 35 schools, has deployed cloud-based software from QRoutes to work out the best routes and optimise resources. The SEN fleet comprises 160 passenger vehicles and there are 300 drivers and passenger assistants on hand to deliver the service.  

“We spent a long time trying to find software that could handle the complexities of Special Educational Needs transport. We just couldn’t find anything and the solutions on offer were very costly,” said Mike Keen, Sheffield’s Senior Transport Officer.  “Then we heard that a new system was being developed specifically for SEN and that was QRoutes. It was clear that the solution had tremendous potential and since working with them, the developers have been very receptive to developing the software to meet our needs.”    

Sheffield trialled QRoutes during 2017 and started configuring the system to their requirements. The software is now being used and from June 2018 will be the department’s main routing system, planning and continually fine tuning approximately 145 routes. The system is also being considered for areas such as social care and elections planning. 

“The fact that it is web-based is a big benefit. Not only does it mean that we can access the system anywhere and anytime online, but it is very affordable and requires minimal IT support,” says Mike Keen.  “The functionality is very good and the multi-layered mapping allows us to view as many routes as we want. It’s also very easy to use.”

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