Prof Henk Scholten honored with Lifetime Achievement Award

Prof Henk Scholten, CEO, Geodan, Director, SPINlab, Vrije Universiteit, has been honored with Lifetime Achievement Award by Geospatial Media and Communications for the year 2015. The award shall be presented during Geospatial World Forum on May 25, 2016 at World Trade Centre, Rotterdam. The jury, comprising of renowned professionals representing industry, academia, government and multilateral organizations, met in December ‘15 to select this year’s Geospatial World Leadership Awardees.

While recognizing Scholten’s contribution as a teacher, entrepreneur and advocate of geospatial technologies ranging over 4 decades, the jury feels privileged to have chosen him for Lifetime Achievement Award. Scholten has been passionate about providing new perspective to geography through combining mathematics and geography opened a new era of modeling, predicting enhancing overall understanding of the world we live in. Having very unique social characteristics and instincts, he has immensely contributed in overall development of GIS/geospatial community worldwide.

“Prof Scholten’s guidance and leadership in shaping professional excellence and capacity amongst thousands of students who have served several disciplines across different organizations has contributed to the geospatial community significantly. I would like to congratulate and thank Professor Scholten for setting a great example for aspiring students,” said Sanjay Kumar, CEO, Geospatial Media and Communications.

“Today, I think we are at the threshold of the next era in geospatial communication. Cloud based safe havens for personal geospatial data and optimized data exchange can unlock the potential of a more sustainable and agile future. We want to bring the results of geo-research to the market and put that power to use. I am very honored to have received the Lifetime Achievement Award for my achievements so far. In future, I hope to contribute to the above developments,” said Prof Henk Scholten, CEO Geodan, Director, SPINlab, Vrije Universiteit.

About Geospatial Leaderships Awards
Established in 2007, by Geospatial Media and Communications, the Geospatial World Leadership Awards have evolved as the premium geospatial awards and acquired the reputation of being most well accredited global recognition. Categories of these awards are aligned with characteristics and directions of geospatial industry.


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