Presagis extends 3D Tiles next workflow into Esri ArcGIS Pro

Presagis, global leader in 3D advanced modelling and simulation software, released the 3D Environments Add-In application for Esri’s ArcGIS Pro.

3D Environments allows ArcGIS users to rapidly transform 3D Tiles Next data formats, such as One World Terrain, into ArcGIS Pro projects to create 3D scenes from 2D vector data and 3D models.

Available on the Esri ArcGIS Marketplace at the end of June, the 3D Environments Add-In leverages Presagis’ building templates and texture libraries that analysts can use to create enhanced 3D visualizations of GIS environments, thus helping increase collaboration across the enterprise. The Presagis 3D Environments Add-In contains tools to create, transform, and extract a wide variety of 3D formats to provide seamless interoperability between ArcGIS Pro and modeling & simulation applications.

“The 3D Environments Add-In is the result of the close relationship we have built with Esri. We are excited to bring our modelling and simulation expertise to the Esri Marketplace and the ArcGIS community,” said Jean-Michel Briere, President of Presagis, “the convergence of GIS data and simulation is critical to create accurate and realistic digital twins – and Presagis can help lead the way.”

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