Precision Capture and QuestUAV form Strategic Partnership

QuestUAV announced a premiere partnership with Precision Capture, a Kentucky-based survey specialists who are now our Sales and Training Reseller for continental USA. Precision Capture have been successfully delivering innovative solutions in 2D and 3D data capture, measurement and imagery for 24 years.

QuestUAV and Precision Capture are well suited to partnership. PreCap pride themselves on engaging with their clients at every level of service and support. QuestUAV are known for their client-focus and customer-centric delivery of both drone packages, tailored training and survey services. QuestUAV and PreCap alike believe in a rigorous training regime that tests skills well outside the standard requirements for normal flight. Training facilities at QuestUAV are comprehensive in the UK, with Precision Capture providing their training from their new UAV centre in Louisville, KY.

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