Pocket Systems Ltd releases PocketGIS for Windows 10

Pocket Systems Ltd announced the release of PocketGIS for Windows 10. PocketGIS is a professional mobile Geographical Information System (GIS) for field data capture and surveying which can capture & edit map geometry and enter data using forms. PocketGIS runs on Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile.

GPS / GNSS / Laser

PocketGIS can be linked to a devices internal Global Positioning System (GPS or GNSS) receiver, or an external receiver via Bluetooth. This provides real time location tracking and data capture. The GPS position is projected to the chosen coordinate system in real time offering instant verification of survey results. The GPS trail function specifies a time or distance interval to automatically create points from the current GPS position. This lets you capture points automatically while walking a line or route. Advanced settings allow filtering of GPS quality so you can ensure the accuracy of captured points. You can also take an average of a number for GPS position readings and compensate for antenna heights. National grid datum corrections are supported and these are added on request. PocketGIS can also be connected to a laser rangefinder or total station and provides a comprehensive set of laser survey functions. The laser functions integrate with GPS to survey offset positions and calculate height differences. You can take photographs from within the data collection form using your device’s built in camera to link the picture to captured points, lines or areas.

Data exchange

PocketGIS can import and export data from cloud services such as Dropbox , OneDrive or Google Drive or via email. Currently Shape, Comma Separated Values (CSV), DXF and TIFF and JPEG raster are supported. Additional formats will be suported in due course. You can specify capture features, design data capture forms and customise imported data from within the application. No additional software or servers are required.

For more information and a trial version of the software, go to https://www.microsoft.com/store/apps/9nblggh2t0wm

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