Pitram Connect app offers insigths in Mine Data

Pitram Connect has been designed by MICROMINE Specialists to extend Pitram information to your mobile device, by simply using a mobile network or the wireless LAN on site. Pitram Connect ensures mine data can be retrieved any time, anywhere.

The intuitive app with simplified views, offers an easy navigation that can be customized based on your role. A high level roll up of information provides insight into shift performance, giving piece of mind and allowing you the visibility that your mine is on track, whilst you are away from site.

Pitram Connect allows the user to retrieve information about your mine site assets; people, equipment, production, locations, time allocations, on your mobile device, without directly impacting mine control personnel or having to be at a workstation. A production supervisor, for example, can easily determine the mines current production delivery to a production plant, the status of a location or the time a truck has been on delay. 

While an unlimited number of users will provide more data integrity, the Pitram Restful Integration Service (PRIS) makes sure that data collected won’t be locked or obfuscated. PRIS has been developed by Pitram Specialists to allow third party software applications to submit and retrieve Pitram data without needing direct access to the database. Based on current, industry standards integration technology, PRIS enables any organization to more easily incorporate Pitram data into their Enterprise information systems.


PRIS utilises the “Restful Service” web service technology and provides a means for any third party application, including mine design packages, enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems and corporate reporting systems, to extract data from Pitram. Through the use of this technology, systems are able to extract data from Pitram without the need for an in-depth knowledge of how Pitram data is stored and without risking the integrity of the Pitram data.

As an example, directly querying any systems database to extract information, on occasions the data extraction method may cause knock on problems throughout these systems. Slow responding systems when poorly designed/written queries are executed (VBA scripts from Excel) is a potential problem with most mining packages, PRIS is designed to eliminate these types of occurrences.


PRIS is based on REST, any client application, on any platform, written in any programming language, may interact with services using simple URLs on top of HTTP.  PRIS can also be used to submit data to Pitram in a safe and structured manner. Third party systems such as autonomous loading and hauling systems, conveyor systems or weighbridges can submit data to Pitram. This data is treated in the same manner as data recorded through the Pitram control room and is available for reporting immediately.

Pitram Connect is a convenient and easy way to access mine information whilst you offsite, waiting at the airport for a handover or for the dedicated personnel. It saves time, reduces radio traffic and the likelihood of misinterpretation, allowing you to focus on maintaining data integrity without interruption.


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