Pistol grip for Nautiz X2 Handheld  

Handheld Group announced a new pistol grip with optional UHF RFID reader for the Nautiz X2 enterprise handheld. This solution can be used as part of a warehouse, supply chain, or asset management system. The Nautiz X2 gives enterprise users an all-in-one mobile computer that can handle all the tasks of a day’s work, with built-in ruggedness against moisture, dust, extreme high or low temperatures and potential drops.


The new pistol grip accessory will work as a simple trigger for the Nautiz X2 and is comfortable to hold and use even in the most intensive scanning application. It comes with an integrated, user-replaceable battery and charging cradle. The included charging cradle simplifies charging.

The new pistol grip can also come equipped with a UHF RFID reader. The UHF RFID reader can handle both long-range scanning and multi-tag reading. It includes an SDK to support easy access and customization for industry specific needs.

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