RIEGL OEM partner Phoenix LiDAR Systems is the first to secure the purchase of the NEW VUX-16023

Phoenix LiDAR Systems has secured the world’s first purchase of the brand new RIEGL VUX-16023 Unmanned Laser Scanners to add to their portfolio of RIEGL sensors.

My-Linh Truong-Division Manager for Unmanned Laser Scanning at RIEGL USA, Rob Dannenberg- Chief Operating Officer for Phoenix LiDAR Systems, and Johannes Riegl, Jr.-President of RIEGL USA

A RIEGL partner since the introduction of the VUX-series, Phoenix consistently integrates RIEGL sensors into their most powerful LiDAR payloads to offer customers a balance of data accuracy, lower weight, and overall budget. As pioneers in the UAV LiDAR industry, Phoenix continues to stay ahead of the curve by selecting the latest and most advanced technology.

About the VUX-16023
The NEW RIEGL VUX-16023 is a lightweight and versatile airborne laser scanner offering a wide field of view of 100 degrees and an extremely high pulse repetition rate of up to 2.4MHz, and is regarded as performing even better than the widely adopted sister type VUX-120, making it perfectly suited for high point density corridor mapping applications. The RIEGL VUX-16023 features a unique and sophisticated scanning scheme, the so called NFB (or Nadir-Forward-Backward scanning) offers a nadir, 10 degree forward, and -10 degree-backward looking capability. This innovative scan pattern allows data acquisition with an unrivaled completeness in data capture, especially in challenging environments with vertical surfaces and narrow canyons.

The sophisticated design of the RIEGL VUX-16023 allows smooth integration on UAS/UAV/RPAS, small, manned airplanes (like gyrocopters), but also on helicopters. It is offered both, as a stand-alone UAV LiDAR sensor and also in various fully integrated UAV-based laser scanning system configurations with appropriate INS/GNSS system and optional up-to five cameras. This allows the scanner to perfectly meet all the specific requirements of the customers applications.

As a leader within the industry, RIEGL has been producing LiDAR systems commercially for over 40 years and have become a benchmark in the industry. High attention to quality, service, and customer satisfaction maintains an outstanding history of reliability and support to customers and partners alike. RIEGL graciously acknowledges the trust Phoenix has in RIEGL LiDAR and is confident that their new RIEGL sensors will provide extremely high productivity and competitive advantages for continued innovation.


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