Phase One Introduces PAS Pana

Phase One introduces its latest innovation, PAS Pana. Unveiled at the prestigious InterGeo event, the PAS Pana revolutionizes country-wide area mapping providing unmatched performance and precision. PAS Pana is a seven-camera wide-field system that redefines the landscape of aerial mapping precision and effectiveness. With a strategic configuration comprising five RGB cameras equipped with 150 mm lenses, and two NIR cameras with 70 mm lenses, PAS Pana reaches a total swath of ~ 48,800 pixels across flight direction.



Together with its range of high-resolution images that stretch from 2.5 cm Ground Sampling Distance (GSD) to an 30 cm GSD, customers now can cover the largest area with the lowest number of flight hours, while maintaining impeccable image clarity based on their needs.

As with all PAS systems, also PAS Pana is fully integrated with iX Suite which offers the most effective workflow and supports the mapping projects from planning to execution and processing.

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