Phase One introduces new Aerial System

Phase One Industrial introduces a breakthrough in aerial imaging – the iXU-RS 190MP Aerial System. Built on the new, dual CMOS sensor, dual lens iXU-RS1900 camera, which is capable of capturing images at 190 megapixels, this system addresses a wide variety of challenging aerial applications, such as remote sensing, monitoring, inspection, and disaster management.

At the heart of the fully integrated 190MP Aerial System is the IXU-RS1900 camera. It features two CMOS sensors and two 90mm lenses for capturing RGB information. Key imaging attributes include a small pixel size (4.6 μ), large image area (16,470 x 11,540), high image capture rate of 0.6 sec and exposure time of up to 1/2000 sec. An optional 4-Band configuration, adding a 50 mm lens for capturing NIR information, provides 4-Band (RGB, NIR) imagery. Integrated iX Capture software automatically generates distortion-free images and automatically performs an accurate matching of the NIR and RGB images.

The new system’s enhanced productivity and expanded coverage makes it an ultimate solution for diverse mapping applications and present an attractive alternative to other large format cameras.

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