Phase One announces next-generation aerial solutions

The Phase One PAS 880 oblique and PAS 280 nadir systems have been enhanced with 150MP near-infrared (NIR) sensors and the most productive workflow with the launch of the latest iX Suite SW solution.

The new PAS 880i offers the same oimage quality and image capture rate (2 frames/second) that gained its forerunner a reputation for reliability and productivity. The PAS 880i covers a wide swath across-track: more than 20,000 pixels in nadir and 14,000 pixels in each of the obliques, operated at a variety of airspeeds, altitudes, and lighting conditions. It is the only solution in the market that can capture the highest resolution, blur-free images under the same flying altitude and speed conditions for nadir and oblique simultaneously.

“In aerial mapping, Pan Sharpening is a complicated and cumbersome approach where multiple cameras must be pointed at the same areas on the ground to collect both luminance and color information. With the Bayer pattern sensors that we use at Phase One, this is not necessary resulting in much simpler and more compact systems for the same coverage. Bayer pattern technology provides a much better GSD/Coverage for any given pod size,” said Lau Nørgaard, CTO at Phase One.

With over 20,000 RGB pixels across flight direction, the PAS 280i is an effective large format aerial solution of 280MP combined with a 150MP NIR camera. This ensures a higher return on investment than other large-format systems. PAS 880i is based on the PAS 280i solution, enabling a seamless upgrade to a full oblique system, ensuring a future-proof and effective investment and flexibility in service offering.

The addition of the NIR sensor to the PAS 880 and PAS 280 solutions expands their utility in applications related to agricultural monitoring, environmental preservation, and land use/land cover programs

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