PCI Joins the Geological Remote Sensing Group

Following an incredibly successful 2016 for the Geological Remote Sensing Group, 2017 has started at a similarly active pace with the news that Canadian-based supplier of geo-imaging software solutions, PCI Geomatics has decided to join as a Corporate Member.

PCI Geomatics, a developer of remote sensing and photogrammetric software and systems, opted to join the Geological Remote Sensing Group (GRSG) following recent interactions with the group’s members in Europe and gaining an understanding of the benefits that being involved with such an active organisation will bring.


Software products produced by PCI Geomatics has long been a key tool within the mining industry, as the technology can be used in all phases of the mining cycle. From mapping lineaments, extracting high resolution Digital Surface Models, as well as monitoring through the use of multi-temporal change detection, PCI technology is used by mining professionals the world over.


Recently elected GRSG Chair, Charlotte Bishop commented on the Group’s latest member; “I take great pleasure in welcoming PCI back to the GRSG. PCI were the first official Corporate Member of our group in 1996, which at that time was with their UK office in Manchester.”


“PCI is a primary COTS supplier within our industry and their experience and knowledge complements the other leading software providers in the GRSG. It’s fantastic to see our membership continue to expand in both number of companies and the variety of their expertise.”

In response, Stewart Wyseman of PCI explained why his company had decided the join the GRSG; “We look forward to reaching the geologic community though the excellent communication channels established through the GRSG, its newsletters and in-person events. PCI Geomatics has a long tradition of supporting students and we look forward to collaborating with the GRSG to assist with student research in the field of remote sensing applications for geology.”


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