PCI Geomatics delivers GXL System to L3 Link Simulation & Training

PCI Geomatics, developer of remote sensing and photogrammetric software and systems, announced that it has successfully delivered a GXL system to US-based L3 Technologies Link Simulation & Training (L3 Link). GXL is a geospatial image-processing system designed to leverage modern computing hardware, such as multi-core CPUs and GPUs, as well as parallel processing, through a distributed system architecture. Built around automated ortho-mosaic and DEM workflows with unlimited scalability, GXL provides increased throughput possibility and can easily scale to meet project procession requirements of any size.

L3 Link provides industry-leading flight simulation solutions for a wide range of advanced fixed-wing, rotary-wing and unmanned aircraft platforms. A very important component of their flight simulation solutions is high-quality photorealistic landscapes based on high-resolution earth observation imagery. The GXL system has helped to streamline the processing required and also allows L3 Link to perform quality assurance steps in a highly interactive and integrated manner inside the GXL system.

“PCI Geomatics’ GXL system allows us to take imagery, balance the colour, apply tonal variations and blend it into a seamless background for use within our trainers,” said Billy Pate, Vice President of Engineering for L3 Link. “We have been using the software on our fast jet databases and now are looking to use the system on other programs.”

“The on-site delivery at L3 Link went very well, and we’ve received good feedback from L3 Link’s staff currently using the GXL system,” said Guillaume Morin, GXL Delivery Lead. “Our team was able to install, configure and provide training over the course of a few days. We continue to work with the L3 Link team to ensure they are successful with our software through our customer success program.”


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